About Us

Arab Cartoon House Website is a separate entity that represents only itself, where it does not belong to any association, institution or body, and it does not receive support from any party.
The site belongs to the Palestinian cartoonist Nedal Hashem as individual property, where he is responsible for managing and editing it since the foundation of the site in 2005 to date. The site is interested in the art of Editorial Cartoons, regardless whether its subject-matter is political, social, economic or sportive ...etc., as well as the art of caricature.
Our interests do not include other types of respective arts, such as Comics, children cartoons, Gag Cartoon, or animations… etc., although in some cases it is difficult to categorize a certain piece of news in a field rather than another field, especially when a cartoonist starts to animate his/her cartoons.

How is the Arab Cartoon House Website emerged and developed?

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