Egyptian cartoonist Gomaa Farahat resigns from Alahram Daily after the publication of one half of his cartoon

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Egyptian cartoonist Gomaa Farahat announced that he would resign from Alahram Daily for good after the deletion of one half of his cartoon, while publishing the other half without his knowledge. In September 30, 2013,  Alahram Daily has published a cartoon of Jomaa that contained a picture of a young man from the revolutions of 25 January and 30 June, where he was carrying slogans of democracy, while the paper has deleted one half of the original cartoon that contained the picture of the late Egyptian President Jamal Abdel Nasser along with the words of freedom and justice.
"What happened is a scandal for this deep-rooted newspaper," Said Farahat. "Previously, no part of the cartoon was deleted, but certain cartoons were objected to and unpublished. When I was asking why they did not publish certain cartoons at the time of the publication of some articles of sharp criticism, the answer was that the articles, unlike the cartoon, would not be read." He added.
Farahat announced that he would stop submitting his cartoons to Alahram Daily, and he would be content with Al-Fajr newspaper, explaining that the officials at the Alahram Daily do not understand the cartoon, and he was finding it difficult to deal with them. It seems that some thought that the cartoon was attacking Abdel Nasser, while it was stressing that the revolutions of 25 January and 30 June were an extension of the revolution led by the former Egyptian President Jamal Abdel Nasser.

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