Erotic Cartoons

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Erotica is a type of artistic fantasy which simulates imagination through sophisticated sexual indications, on the grounds that the imagination is a humane method to convert sex drive to erotica. However, if erotica is isolated from imagination and the rest of life elements and is confined in several automatic actions, it will be animal action, which is different from another type of Pornografia art (i.e. drawing prostitutes,) and sexual acts that only aim to stir sexual drive directly.
Erotica came from Eros (An ancient Greek god) who represents the productive power of life, in addition to being the Greek god of love (His Roman counterpart was Cupid). (1)
In the western world, cartoons penetrated strongly in Pornografia industry, commercially, while it stayed away from Erotica art in its sophisticated form, except for some sporadic cartoons by professional cartoonists to whom it provides the level of freedom to implement erotic ideas along with their other work, in addition to limited names known for this kind of cartoon, such as the French cartoonist Robert LASSALVY who passed away in 2001.
In the Arab world, there are not many of erotic cartoona. Only in Lebanon we can watch TV programs that entail erotic indications, in addition to the "Jasad" magazine, which is specialized in this kind of art without containing cartoons in this area. However, we can see erotic cartoons by the Lebanese cartoonist Stavro Jabra, who publishes cartoons of this kind in the Lebanese magazine Al Dabour along with other magazines.
In the following gallery, we can see some of erotic cartoons by Stavro Jabra and other cartoonists, which we can publish.

Another cartoons will be added successively

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