davoud houshmand taghi abad


Name : David

SurName: housmand Taghi Abad
Address : Khorasan Razavi - Ghochan - tarbiyat Avenue - No. 7 train 7
Email address : david.housh62 @ gmail.com
Postal code : 9471955931
Phone :0098-0581 2217277

Bio :
David, I am painting my smart T. Abad graduated . Since 78 cartoon oriented ¬ predictor has been a member of the band Porcupine am. , In several competitions , domestic and foreign companies , which publish my work in shows Aydin Dogan , Turkey _ Karpyk Poland _ the atomic bomb and the environment Gul Agha _ First section caricature Festival of Visual Arts in Khorasan Province 82_WAIS first race of addiction in Zahedan University contest Iran's auto cartoons and Aydin Dogan and participated in several other competitions as well as two solo exhibition of caricature and 3 exhibition also have teaching experience in School Sama and handicraft center and high schools and middle schools for 5 years on my own record ...


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