Emergence and Development of the Arab Cartoon House Website

The beginning was an idea! After accessing the Internet in my own house and when I returned to the cartoons after a period of inactivity for several years, I could not find any local newspaper here in Jordan to publish my cartoons, so I searched in the Internet perhaps I would find a specialized platform. I found sites in various languages, while I did not find any Arabic website that is interested in this art. Just like any idea, this idea was about to fail, after conflicting with the financial resources which I needed to create this site by a specialized company.

I analyzed the problem and I learned how to create a website in simple ways. I worked myself and designed the first version of the site in 2005 by Adobe Photoshop, while the site was built by FrontPage software, to come out to the light at the end of 2005.

The idea evolved over the years, while I kept managing the site in the same primitive manner, and without any other help except for the help of my wife, until the site became, according to the testimony of many people, almost the only reference to this art throughout ​​the Arab world, despite the periods of inactivity we were experiencing together from time to time.

I came to the conclusion that the site could not proceed in this stressful way, and we should close it or move it to another stage. Over the years, I have a clear idea of what the site should be and what are the services to be provided by it. I searched with much effort for supportive bodies that can contribute to the application of this idea, however, and in vain, I did not find anybody to support me financially to the rebuilding of the site except my money savings and my dear father to whom I owe much thanks.

I signed a contract for the creation of a new site for the Arab Cartoon House Website with "Yadonia Group" in Jordan in 2011, which took a full year to launch the first stage of the site that contained news services, while all other services would be released within a few months, however, unfortunately the company could not fulfill their obligations and could not set up the special services associated with the membership, such as the Gallery and Cartoons Bank. For this reason, the contract with "Yadonia" company was terminated and the site was rebuilt with its current form via a new contract with Asira Company.

Asira Company is one of emerging Jordanian companies that adopt Dropal Content Management System. It is managed by the programmers Mohammad Abdul-Qader‏ and Shadi Alian, where they are now developing additional services that will be added successively. I owe them much thanks

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